Sunday, October 12, 2014

Matthew is ten!

Matthew! His birthday was last month so I'm behind on posting about it but today, this is happening! 

Matthew is awesome. He's super smart in a non conventional way. He's enthusiastic, has great ideas, is super resilient and positive about almost anything. He lives for Minecraft, bike riding, Lego, and his new pet gerbil, "Gerbzilla". :) Having a pet is amazing for Matthew. He's totally on the ball when it comes to taking care of it, he reads about how to care for it and what to feed it and how to make sure it gets enough exercise. He cleans up after him and is concerned about it's health. They say pets are good for us. They might be right. :)

Matthew had some buddies over for cake and games, and then we drove the horde to the local theatre where they were doing a special showing of "How to Train Your Dragon II"

It was so much fun. And so easy! 

Matthew is 45 pounds, and is four feet tall. He can climb any structure but we all know that by now. He is kind of hilarious. He can make me laugh so easily. He has a strong work ethic and works extremely hard at school although this does not translate to general housework or teeth brushing. You can't have it all. 

He has lots of friends. He loves to fish. He drives his sister craaaaaazyyyyyy because it's so bloody easy to do. He's a qnegotiator; working all the angles. He's also pretty charismatic. His teachers love him, other parents love him, classmates, soccer coaches, you name it. 

Matthew thrives on routines and solid expectations with no wiggle room. He also thrives on lots of love. He is a pretty amazing kid and we are so glad he's ours!

Happy birthday Matthew!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014