Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Flashers

On December 13th we went to our good friends' place (the Rehman's) for dessert and hot chocolate. While we were there, someone in the group began asking Ayden "Where are your knees? Where are your ears?" etc, and wound up asking him where some certain parts are...Ayden mooned us, and everyone laughed until they cried! This incident would probably not make the blog, HOWEVER, ever since then, both Matthew and Ayden think that nudity is hilarious, and have been spontaneously pulling their pants down and laughing in social situations! How do I get them to stay covered up without making them think private parts are bad/dirty? With Matthew it's dangerous; you might get peed on!

Hmmmmm...who is responsible for this? Can I blame Sam? Probably.

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Junior B said...

ask my mom. I mean, she got Brent to stop doing it. I hope. Well now I'm not too sure. I'd say wait about 10 or 12 years and they'd stop on their own, but Brent's over 30 now and...I'd recommend a disclaimer to visitors and hosts. And suspenders.