Sunday, December 24, 2006

late night

I have this problem with my heart (the real one, not the emotional one). Most of the time, it is not noticeable, but sometimes it keeps me up at night. Tonight is such a night, so I decided after trying a few tricks to get myself to sleep--reading, milk, tossing and turning, sneaking into Ayden's room to curl around his warm sleeping self with hair that smells indescribably good (I don't try this with Matthew because he's apt to wake up startled when I do, and cry)--that I would post something on my blog. Forgive me if I attempt humour and fail, for it is the wee hours of the a.m.

Brent planned a small surprise for me tonight, after the kids were in bed. He had rented me a movie I have been wanting to see for several months, and had bought some nice red wine and five kinds of really good cheese, and some grapes. I think all the calories may have contributed to my current wakeful state. So yummy! My husband is very, very good at surprises. And food. The movie was "Little Miss Sunshine," a film festival winner, independant, artsy type movie, now a 'cult classic' with a cult of one (me), and currently my favourite movie (other favourites include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Crash, and Blood Diamond, which I saw yesterday, and which was my #1 favourite until tonight). I highly recommend Little Miss Sunshine, if you can get your hands on it. It's real, hilarious, slightly tragic, and cracks open some interesting facets of our society. If you get it, don't watch the alternate endings in the special features (though now that I've said it, everyone will)--they're not that great. They kind of mess with the state of mind the movie leaves you in. Anyways, it is very good and I'm very glad my sweetie surprised me with it; he enjoyed it too, and may even join my cult at some time in the future. Also, a good soundtrack for the music lovers, all original score.

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Junior B said...

have just watched little miss sunshine and have decided to take a vow of silence and not to be a loser but a winner. that is if i can follow the nine steps correctly.