Sunday, December 17, 2006

Welcome to our blog!

We have decided to join the ranks of the bloggers! Thanks for checking us out, friends and family! Today is dec. 17th, only one week until Christmas...our house is almost quivering with anticipation of Santa's arrival on Jesus' birthday! We have our customary "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" up and decorated in our living room, stockings hanging over the fireplace, and almost all of our shopping completed. As Ayden would say, "We are fery, fery, FERY 'xcited!" And, as Matthew would say, "Duh-duh!"

We had an eventful time decorating our tree. Both boys were so excited, and hung clusters of 6 or 7 decorations per branch, while jumping and laughing. We tried playing Christmas music while we worked, but our one and only Christmas CD is scratched and skips, so you can hear neverending fa-la-la-la-la-la-las, or Si-si-si-si-silent night. Our Charlie Brown tree was so narrow at its base that Brent had to build an insert for our christmas tree stand so it would fit without falling...and even so, it leans. So fun!

This year will be our first Christmas at our house! We get to fill stockings and make sure Santa arrives and run downstairs very early in the morning and watch the kids have a blast with the magic of Christmas! All this makes us feel incredibly grown up all of a sudden. It's funny when 40 starts to look younger the closer you get to it?! The magic of Christmas still gets us moving, no matter what age we are. Which reminds me......
you know the song, "I like to move it" by Sacha Cohen?? Ayden has taken to singing, "I wike to move it, move it! I wike to move it, move it!" While jumping in circles on our bed and shaking his tushie. Apparently, this music is in the kids' movie "Madagascar" and Ayden retained it, and reproduced it! Very funny.


Roboseyo said...

My students in Korea also know the song "I like to move it, move it". Once, my coworker was teaching the kids the word Alaska, and one of the kids shouted, "Alaska move it, move it!"

another time I told my kids "I DON'T like to move it, move it."

my boy david said, "Teacher, you don't like to move it move it. You like to 'just keep swimming, swimming swimming'" (which is a song from Finding Nemo).

LouiseandGary said...

Yay! So excited to see you blogging! Louise