Monday, January 22, 2007


I resolve for 2007:

Not to laugh when Ayden flushes Matthew's sock down the toilet. This makes for a repeat performance.

To stop answering Matthew's incessant "mama, mama, mama" with a grunt, because he has started grunting back at me.

To fire myself as Brent's hairdresser, after a horrific bald spot incident last Friday, which I blame on the razor, but Brent is not convinced.

To have more date nights (with Brent).

To finish bloody paramedic school and kiss school goodbye for a very long time (I feel like I've said this before).

To email my friends and family more often.

To paint more--this one I started last week! I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in months, and finished another tulip painting. Anyone want to buy a tulip painting?

To travel! Maybe I'll have to save this resolution for another year, if Brent goes away to school (he's looking at the RCMP right now). Our next destination is Mexico, with Ireland and Thailand on the short list as well.

To win the $1000/wk for 25 years lottery contest and pay off our house and other debts, and have some fun!

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LouiseandGary said...

I'm also Gary's hairdresser. I have also had some big slip ups but he doesn't seem to care too much. The students all think it looks pretty funny and then I get embarrased because I did such a terrible job. I think I've had one good one out of 10 or so:)