Friday, February 9, 2007

Extra Special Day

We have great news! For those of you who are not aware, bringing Matthew home from Thailand was not the final step in our adoption of him. After returning to Canada, we were required to be followed by a social worker for six months, and then apply for finalization of our adoption with the Thai government. Last week we recieved a phone call from the Royal Thai Consulate in Vancouver, and we made an appointment to sign the final papers yesterday. So yesterday we got dressed up, drove to Vancouver, and signed the forms to legalize us as a forever family. Hooray! We had pasta with meatballs, and then went to Dairy Queen to celebrate. Now we can immediately apply for citizenship for Matthew, and also apply to legally change his name. His current legal name is Thanawuth Luangpotha, and his adopted name (is) will be Matthew Thanawuth Smith Vose. This meeting was a milestone for us as a family, both legally and emotionally, because we have come a long way as a family in the past 13 months...we moved from strangers who liked the idea of each other, to a family really in love with each other. The adjustment to a second child was difficult for all of us, and of course Matthew had to adjust most of all, giving up everything he ever knew to fly around the world to join a family he had barely met! So we've come a long way, and wouldn't turn back for anything. Here are some pictures from our celebration!