Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mini Fest

This evening we had a mini nerdfest--for those who don't know, a group of our friends who live scattered from continent to continent and we have dubbed ourselves "the nerds" and get togethers "nerdfests"--we had Gary and Louise and Kai, and Torie and Sam and Bennett over for dinner. It was great! Low key, spaghetti and salad, and an awesome dessert a la Louise. True to form, I didn't help cook at all, and as a result the food was fabulous. Our group is expanding--what used to be six guys is now 12 adults and 7 children, though tonight the mini fest was just six adults and four children. Enough to fill our kitchen table, that's for sure! Our next house needs a dining room! I included some photos; the one of Matthew and the babies is hilarious because he's crying because I just barked at him to "sit down and smile!" which had predictable results! Very funny! We also have some photos of the babies and one of us at the dinner table (I took the photo, for those of you who wonder why I'm mysteriously absent). Yay! We actually had dinner guests, and made supper, and visited, and it was awesome. We should do this more often! We missed the nerds who were absent--thinking of you!!

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LouiseandGary said...

Thanks for dinner Team Vose, it was yummy!