Sunday, February 25, 2007

Woah there!

In my defense, I did not know that Brent had posted this scary picture of himself! I would like to point out the fact that Matthew's Big Day got ONE comment and Brent's ugly photo got SEVEN....where are our priorities, people???!!? I need new friends.
We had a great week this week! Brent had his laser eye surgery done ten days ago, and has been home recovering all week, so we had some fun daddy times. That is also why he was able to grow the scary handlebar facial hair! Brent should have surgery more often; he cleaned behind the fridge, behind the stove, inside the stove, in the garage, repaired the baseboards in the livingroom, installed shelves in the downstairs closet, and did several loads of laundry. And looked after the kids several times while I went out or went to work (and complained about being tired and irritated, especially of Matthew's grunts and Ayden's spazzes...he thinks we're even-steven now, but I think that the quantity is slightly off balance here)! This has been great. And a minor blessing since our daycare provider had to book off last week because she was in the hospital with pneumonia :(
Back to the grind tomorrow though, for both of us!
We also had my mom visiting for the weekend so we got to sleep in both days--hooray for moms!


Aussie said...

Thanks for the explanation but the damage is done and it feels like my eyes got burned by a laser. But if you would like more work done, I know a real good nurse who can teach me stuff and my dad has tools so I can probably do some home surgery on Brent when we're down there so he has a good excuse to stay home. Oh, and this coming from a connoisseur, handlebars are grown in a distinctly horizontal direction with often a twirl of varying degree on the end, whereas what Brent was sporting was...

Aussie said...

(cont'd) attempt at a fu-manchu. Not a full fu-manchu, mind you, but the kind that would get him laughed at in a biker bar or seen as a redneck. Now assuming that he doesn't frequent biker bars, he might just be the sexiest redneck alive 2007, which is better than nothing. Just a thought for you. ps. about the plethora of comments, I have two words: shock and awe.