Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The First Precepting Shift

Hooray!! My first precepting shift is finished, and I'm 32 minutes into my second shift. My first preceptor (I have 3) is nice and has no axe to grind, and is a good balance of helpful and flexible. We had some good calls yesterday with great feedback and good discussions about the best way to treat or manage specific cases, weighing the pros and cons of certain treatments. Perfect. I was quite glad my first shifts were in Abbotsford because I know the area well and am acquainted with some of the other crews. I even knew one of the houses we responded to; I had been there before in the past for a different medical problem. One of my friends was dispatching our channel as well, which was great. The whole team was rooting for me, and my dispatcher friend tried her hardest to send me to the most extreme cases so I could get signed off as experiencing the critical ones. I am one day into the eight day, second hurdle, precepting aspect of Paramedic School--woohoo! Tomorrow and Friday I am precepting at the notorious "Station 48" in East Hastings, Vancouver. I'm nervous!! So far, the boys are doing great but it has only been one day!! I also recieved an email with my written exam mark from last weekend, and I did well!! Hooray!

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LouiseandGary said...

Way to go Melissa! Nice to be able to hear how things are going..keep up the good work!