Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hooray #2!!

HOORAY!! Hurdle #2 is complete. I finished my last precepting shift last Friday, and was signed off and handed in my paperwork on Monday. The last and final hurdle is a licensing exam for BC Ambulance, similar to an RN exam once you are finished your nursing degree (though of course I don't have a degree in paramedicine--no such thing yet!). I don't have a date for that exam yet, but when I do I'll post it so you guys can think of me on my third and final hurdle to complete paramedic school. The boys survived! The last week was difficult for them because they missed me, but they seemed calmer and exhibited fewer anxious behaviours, so that was good. They are such good boys, so easy going and flexible, I truly am blessed. And now, mommy's home! And the sun is out! So we're all happy. Thanks for thinking of us!!


Jen & Andrey said...

Congratulations, Mel! I'm so proud of you! You must be so glad just to spend some time at home with your boys. I'm rooting for you from Asia.
Love, jen

Dawn and Dale said...

YEAH!! I found your blog again!! (I had forgotten how I got here before!! lol)