Saturday, April 7, 2007

A Day in the Life of Brent

So, while I'm at work Brent has the responsibility of getting the boys out of bed (because they always sleep in on the only days they can't, and never on weekends!) and getting them ready fed, dressed, and on the bus by 7:50 so he can drop them off at daycare on his way to work. This was an email he sent me last Friday regarding that ritual:

It’s so hard to get the boys moving quickly in the morning. Ayden likes to take his time peeing and washing his hands (20 mins). Matthew likes to take time eating (30-45 mins). Ayden likes to complain about his breakfast (15 mins). Matthew likes to shit in his diaper (10 mins with new clothes). Ayden likes to pick his own clothes while reading a book (15 mins). Matthew likes to walk around in circles in the entrance way while Ayden and I are trying to get ready (5 mins). Ayden doesn’t like to wear a sweater or jacket even when it’s cold and rainy (10 mins). Ayden continues to cry about jacket and sweater while standing outside in the cold (10 mins). We rush to the bus and miss it because it came a couple minutes early. We have to wait for the next bus (25 mins).

So we get to the bus stop and have to wait. The boys love the bus so they are usually in a good mood. They also find many things to entertain themselves with like: “mama dada, poo?” “no Matthew that’s just dirty gum stuck to the ground” “Gum?” “no you can’t eat it and stop stepping in it”; or, “dump!” “Trah!”, “Cah!”; or, “My hands are cold!” “I told you it was going to be cold. You should be wearing your sweater. I put it in the backpack. Do you want your sweater now?” “No! My hands are cold!!!” “Ok, pull them into your sleeves” “Ok, but I’m cold” “Do you want your sweater now?” “Yes”; or, Matthew pulling out a dirty Kleenex out of his pocket which smells kind of funny so I take the Kleenex and put my hand in his pocket only to find 2 rotting carrots.

We all sit in one seat because we had to take a small bus and it’s full because no one else caught the big bus either. We walk to Elizabeth ’s house (5 mins). Ayden doesn’t want me to leave and is balling (10 mins). My heart breaks so I stay a little longer to comfort him and hold him (10 mins). I pry his arms off me and tell him I love him and squeeze out the door (5 mins). I walk away and continue to hear his cry because he is now walking the boys to school. I get a coffee and text you while I wait for my bus. My phone dies. The bus comes. I sit next to a smelly guy.

This email made me laugh so hard I cried. It helps if you know the kids well, and know things like, Ayden MUST choose his own clothing in the morning, and often chooses shorts when it is cold out; he prefers to be cold and hates to wear a jacket or a sweater; Matthew uses the word "poo" for poo, food, can I get through, pull me, and numerous other words; Matthew frequently has a runny nose and hence snotty kleenex in all his pockets; Matthew likes to daydream; Matthew likes to step on things, especially if you tell him not to touch it (like dirty gum stuck to the sidewalk).

And what am I doing while Brent is struggling to get out the door? Sleeping. Because we had a slow morning at work. =)

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Jen & Andrey said...

Oh my gosh. i just read this to Andrey. We are laughing so hard. What a great glimpse into your life, B-rent! Thank you for that.

And i loved reading about Sake, too! I laughed a lot at that one. That Ayden is amazingly imaginative.