Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter at Nana and Dwandad's

So we have been having a grand time at the 'rents place this week/weekend! I drove up with the boys on Tuesday evening, and Brent flew in yesterday. Here are some pictures from a 'mini hike' (park the car and have a picnic) we did with the boys at a nearby lake (still frozen! Can you believe it?!):

We also had Ayden get back in the saddle again after a scary incident last Thanksgiving where he was kicked in the head by a mule: he was ready and willing to give the mules another chance, so here he is:

We had a wiener/marshmallow roast in the backyard (Grandad almost set the place on fire and we had to wait 1/2 hour for the fire to die down enough that we could safely roast our food):

And finally, we painted easter eggs today for our easter bunny visit tomorrow:

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Roboseyo said...

Hi mel! I caught up on your blog. Wow! You're really faithful, and congratulations/good luck on your precepting/paramedic school stuff.

I'm pretty good these days, but I miss you a lot too. sorry I've been a dirty stink for not being in touch. I don't have internet in my house yet. . . would it be OK for me to phone you sometime, even though it's been such a ridiculously long time?

miss you!