Friday, April 27, 2007

RCMP news

So, Brent has successfully passed 8 out of the 9 steps to becoming an RCMP officer; he now has to go for a medical exam, and then undergo 'security clearance.' Pending successful completion of those, he will be able to go to Regina for Depot. One of the recruitment officers let him know that he will likely go in about four months. Hooray for Brent! He is quite excited about this. We're excited for him, but are worried about how much we will miss him while he's at Depot. It takes six months!! Yikes!! This means he will likely miss Nerdfiesta, but if I can possibly swing it, I will go on my own with the boys. I'll need some help from the other Nerds/Nerdettes if that happens! So, great news for Brent! Hip, hip, hooray!

1 comment:

nancy said...

congratulations Brent! I think you're close enough to assume you're in! It must be exciting and scary all rolled up together.
love nancy

ps I almost called you tonite to help me download "The Message" onto my MP3 player...but I figured it out myself, amazing eh?