Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Update on the Pink Car

Remember Ayden's yellow Sake car, that broke down and necessitated the purchase of a new, pink car? Tonight he told me that the car didn't just break down, it actually crashed, and then broke, and he then bought the new pink car, which is shiny and fast and has special buttons that turn the car into a rocket ship!
Once, Ayden asked me where God lives. I told him he lives in your heart, but this freiked him out so badly, resulting in him screaming "NOT IN MY HEART!! NOOOO!" with wide eyed fear, that I switched to a more concrete answer and said, "Okay, God lives in heaven." "Where is heaven, mommy?" Ummmmm...considering 'the sixth dimension' or 'an unknown plane of existance' to be a bit above his developmental level, I came up with "Above the sky." So now he thinks you can get to heaven on a rocket ship. Hence, the pink car that becomes a rocket ship at the push of a button can take him to heaven to visit God, and his son Desus. Today Ayden visited heaven in his pink car/rocket ship, and went for a walk with Dod and Jesus. I asked him what they talked about, and he said "Knock knock jokes," in a very matter of fact way. Well, a belly laugh stifled sounds a bit like a barfing cat, especially in the semi-dark of Ayden's bedroom at night--a bit distracting, but we soon returned to the knock knock jokes. "God sure loves jokes." "Yes, he has a good sense of humour doesn't he." "Yeah. Specially wif knock knock jokes!"
Ayden is the king of the knock knock jokes. His favourite one is
'knock, knock'
'who's there?'
'bum bum'
'bum bum who?'
'bum bum bum BUM!!!!!'
A very sophisticated joke, indeed. I think God would enjoy it. Ayden reminds me of my friend Rob Ouwehand.

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Roboseyo said...

Hey! I don't tell knock knock jokes anymore. (Koreans don't get them: form jokes are cultural).

I like that one a lot! I'm gonna try it.

My favourite remains "Say knock knock"