Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ayden's Birthday Party

Wow! What a fun birthday!! Luckily the sun was out today so the birthday events included outdoor activities! Ayden had a great time, as did his 7 friends and 1 brother...We experimented with our first "drop your kids off" party this year, and it was a great success. All the kids had a blast so the wildly disastrous house and the frazzled parents were worth it! :)
Here are some photos of the highlights:


and I'm TWO!

Tiger cake courtesy of mommy & requested by the birthday boy

Look at the slug!!


Ayden got a siamese fighting fish as a gift--he named him "Flaffy," v. cute

Happy birthday!

Cake time!

1 comment:

Dawn and Dale said...

Those pics are SOOOOO great!!!

I love that cake!!

You are a crafty woman!!! ;)