Saturday, May 26, 2007

End of the Road BBQ

Tonight we had a celebration barbeque for all the people in my Paramedic Academy class. We are done! Only one other classmate and myself are completely finished that final, licensing exam I told you about last week, but we are all finished school and precepting, so it was cause to celebrate. It was great to see (almost) everyone again--we had an amazing group of people in our class and we've missed seeing each other. Though we certainly don't miss going to school! We had the BBQ in our backyard, and were very thankful the sun peeped out right at the beginning of the party after threatening to rain all day. We had 17 people in our little house and little backyard, which was loudly pronounced "HUGE!" by all my classmates, who live West of us where real estate prices escalate bigtime. We had spouses and kids here too, which was so nice because we got to meet each others' families after a year and a half of hearing about them (good and bad!). Brent and I performed our traditional roles of "Chef" and "Hostess who talks a lot and ignores all things culinary" and everyone had a great time. One of my classmates is a professional magician so he busted out a magic show for us after dinner and wowed us all and made us laugh, which was quite a treat. He charges 700-$1000 for a 1 to 2 hour show so we were priviledged to be treated for free :)
Now all Ayden wants to do is magic tricks like "Watch my chip disappear," etc (as the chip crumbles behind his back from his hand to the floor), and we had a hard time keeping Matthew out of the magician's bag of tricks. If you ever have an event you want entertainment for, this is your guy--he's not weird or dark at all; he is an entertainer with excellent stage presence...anyways, if you have a chance check him out!
This guy has done shows for Cirque du Soliel cast & VIP parties, Jimmy Pattison's Christmas party 2006, and he won 3rd prize in the Ripley's Believe it or Not contest for a trick he invented. Man, am I moving up in the world or what? :p
Anyways, it was great to see everyone from class again and introduce them to my family. We love hosting get togethers at our house and every time we do one we say "we should do this more often!"
Be prepared! We may invite you to one soon!

On a side note: I was 4th in line on the BC Ambulance Service seniority list for a full time position, but I found out this week that the full time position they posted in March was cancelled. It takes months for full time positions to be posted, seniority lists compiled, and hiring to take place, so likely I won't be eligible for full time until late into next fall...this throws a monkey wrench into the financial plans as far as us surviving while Brent is away at RCMP school. I don't know what to do!! I've now re-applied to closer, busier stations as a part timer, and also to Vancouver post as a part timer, but I'm pretty worried. For me to make enough for us to survive while Brent is gone, I really don't think I can be in Squamish. Things in my job move as slow as molassas so I can't rely on being out of Squamish before Brent leaves...pray for me while we figure out a solid plan B as far as work is concerned! Thanks!!

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nancy said...

Melissa, you're an amazing blogger! I guess I hadn't read your blog for a few weeks so was not up to date!
Will pray for job openings for you.
love mom