Thursday, May 31, 2007

Frequent Posts

I think I've been going a little crazy with the blogging lately...I think that since school ended I've been at a bit of a loss when it comes to filling in my free time. Not that I have an abundance of that, since 12-13 hours of my day is filled with little boys and their messes and their myriad concerns, but I've been posting every day for the past week or so, and sometimes more than once. Anyways, here I am posting again. Ayden is gone! It feels like a piece of me just decided it was all grown up and walked away! He hugged and kissed Matthew and I at the ferry terminal, grabbed his suitcase, and away he went with his lovely Auntie and didn't even look back once. Matthew sobbed! To cheer him up I took him to McDonald's for lunch, and then to the park this afternoon. Having only one child is SO EASY!! (my apologies to those of my friends who have only one child--I know it is very hard!) All of a sudden I'm so patient and attentive and don't feel guilty at all! Matthew kept calling Ayden, forgetting that he is gone. Here are some pix from our adventures today!
Here is Ayden at our place before we left; he has a cutout from his 'Chirp' magazine for toddlers, which is part of a contest where you take Chirp with you on vacation and take photos of yourself with him, and enter the photos in their contest. Ayden thinks that if you take the photos, you are an automatic winner. :) He's a winner in our books, anyways!

Here are Ayden, Matthew, and Auntie Megan at the ferry terminal

Matthew and I had ice cream this afternoon at the park, because it was SO HOT!

Since the water park was closed (we gave it a shot--they don't open until tomorrow) we had our own water park fun in the backyard!

Here is SuperMan (not to be confused with Spider Man) in his cape (don't be dissuaded by the Cars print on his cape; he is definately SuperMan)


Dawn and Dale said...

Those are awesome pics!! I would be soooo sad to see one of my boys off like that!! I haven't had to do that yet!! Even after 10 yrs of parenting!! lol

Neat to see how Matthew reacted!! Definately brotherly love hey??!!

LouiseandGary said...

Melissa...don't apologize for saying one kid is easy! Just having Kai is super easy at this stage. So strange to see Ayden off like such a big boy! Glad you could spend some special time with Matthew.

LouiseandGary said...

By the way, I love the frequent blogging, that way I have something fun to read every day:)