Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday, Ayden!!

Today is Ayden's 4th birthday. Wow! Four years already! This time four years ago I was lying on my side in a bed waiting for OR time. One more hour and Ayden was born! Today being a weekday we reserved this Saturday for kids' party time, but we have been trying to make this day extra special for Ayden, and will be going out for dinner tonight. I'll add photos of the dinner after we get back. Here are some of the activities we have done today:

Ready to travel to the park! Ayden got to choose which park to go to in honour of being the birthday boy! Ayden is showing how old he is with his fingers.

Playing at McCloughan Park

On the way home from the park we stopped by the corner store and got popsicles, always a great hit!! "Mommy, it looks like Mafew is bleeding!" "It looks like you're bleeding too!"

The sandbox! Hours of fun, and some time for mommy to make lunch...there are rules, though; one of which is that Matthew is not allowed to actually sit IN the sandbox, and all of Matthew's actions must be approved by his highness, Royal Ayden. Luckily Matthew is so happy to play in sand that he doesn't care about having to follow Ayden's rules.

After all that running around, guess who crawled into his bed and had an uncharacteristic snooze?

In our family we have a tradition of taking a photo of the birthday boy at the exact time he was born. Here is Ayden at 4:39pm today, exactly 4 years after he was born!

Swimming lessons!

Here we are at supper at the Spaghetti Factory, requested specially by Ayden

Happy birthday to the sweetest 4 year old I know. XOXOXOXOXO!


Dawn and Dale said...

Happy Birthday Ayden!!

4 is sooo much fun!! We have a little 4 yr old around here too!!

LouiseandGary said...

Cannot believe that Ayden is already 4! Such a big boy! I love the picture of him in the swing. Happy belated birthday Ayden.

Roboseyo said...

Happy birthday, Ayden! You're so big! Maybe they'll build a new amusement part in Sake, or convert a whole section of the city into an amusement park, just for your birthday.