Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sheattle fest

Yesterday The Bads (Torie, Sam, & Bennett) and we (Melissa, Brent, Ayden, and Matthew) travelled to Seattle to visit the Sawchenkos (Jen & Andrey). It was another mini fest: three families out of six! We had a great time! I forgot our camera but hopefully Torie or Jen will email me pix of our day and I can post some. We went to a park that sits by the ocean for a few hours; the kids had a blast on the playground and Matthew was in 7th heaven when a train whistled by just before we left the beach. We then stopped by for mexican groceries and cooked up a big mess of fajitas-yummy!! It was great to see our friends for another mini fest in Seattle (the nerds have evolved Seattle into Sheattle: the title is not a typo). As ever, Matthew's presence confounded the border guards and we spent some time in immigration on the US side, as well as 45 minutes in line for the border. But 20 minutes of lineups, questions, and $6 later we were back in our (borrowed--the van is on the fritz!) car on our way to Sheattle fest. On the way home the Canadian border guard asked us "Is he adopted?" and I just about laughed at him (are you dumb?), but Brent later explained that one of the first things border guards are trained is "make no assumptions" and Brent should know because he spent a summer as a border guard and every time we cross the border he has many stories to tell of his stint as an enforcer. Some of the stories are repeated every time we cross. ;)
Matthew is now eligible for Canadian citizenship but we just have not had the time to get our papers in gear and mail them off! I guess we should get on that so crossing the border isn't such a hassle anymore, plus we can then change his legal name from Thanawuth Luangpotha to Matthew Thanawuth Smith Vose.
We also stopped at Carter's and bought Matthew a replacement security blanket, since his other one is getting raggedy and smelly (he sucks on it to sooth himself to sleep). His 'old' security blanket is the second one he has had; he brought a lovely yellow one home from Thailand with him but sucked the life out of it. I washed it every day near the end and wanted to save it for him in a box with his baby stuff so we bought him several new blankets (which we call 'Bee'--Matthew's version of 'blanket') but he didn't like two of the replacements and wasn't happy until we found the second Bee. Bee #2 is now biting the dust, so a replacement Bee was in order. Bee #3 is quite nice; he seems to prefer Carter's all the way. How can a baby know the difference between brands? But it is true; all other brands have been rejected and all 3 Bees have been Carters' Bees.
On the way home from Sheattle fest both boys yelled and shreiked until our ears rang and I pulled out the portable DVD player. How did parents survive long trips before the portable DVD player?!?!?!! Then they demanded gum until they fell asleep at 9:00pm, Matthew happily intertwined with his new Bee and Ayden anxiously rubbing my thumbnail for 15 minutes. Ayden's version of a Bee is to rub the thumbnail of his proximal parent until he relaxes; recently he has discovered that he can also rub his OWN thumbnail when anxious or tired which takes the pressure off us! Kids are so funny!
Three cheers for the Nerds! Missed you, those Nerds who were absent! xoxo

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Dawn and Dale said...

Isn't it crazy travelling with Kiddo's!!

It was too funny this weekend. I was at a ladies retreat and Kathy (Brian's mother in law!!) was there with us.

At one meal she started talking about you and I said... "Oh!! Brent and Melissa!! I "know" them!"

She was TOTALLY confused!! Too funny!! I had to explain "blogs" to her a bit! She still looked stunned and amazed!!