Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Surprise Sleep Solution

Those of you who know me well know that I'm pretty relaxed about where my kids sleep. I like the idea of co-sleeping, especially when your babies are young and you have to get up in the night several times, or when they are older if they need the extra touch. I still always tried to get the boys to start in their beds and nap in their beds so they would eventually shift into all night in their own room and their own bed. That said, I also think this does not work for everyone, nor has it always worked for me. If it is not working, it is time for a change, and all habits can be changed with a little work and attention. Anyways, Ayden has always spent SOME time in our bed; this past year it was only the last hour or so of the night and he was rarely a problem.
Of course, Matthew had always slept on his own in his own crib before we adopted him, and he is a fantastic sleeper and rarely wakes in the night. That made me feel guilty because here Ayden is in our bed and Matthew isn't. Then Matthew started waking at anywhere from 4:00 to 6:30 a.m. and roaming the house--and eating anything he happened to come accross, or putting balls in the toilet, etc. I was at my wit's end because he would wake up without letting us know he had woken so I couldn't even try to supervise him! I (I would say we, but let's face it people, Brent sleeps like a log and isn't even aware anything happens in the world between midnight and 7:30 a.m.) tried several solutions and finally hit one that worked: I put a nightlight in our room and left our door open and presto! we had another bed buddy. Guilt resolved! Extra cuddle time! Hooray!
Only it started to get a little crowded. And Matthew has allergies, so he breathes very loud while sleeping, and sometimes snores. So it wasn't working after a few months so we had to make a change. I didn't know what, exactly, to do about the morning roaming or how to convince Ayden it was time to stay in his bed ALL night...At around the same time (a few weeks ago) we decided to put the boys together in the same room, mainly because they kept requesting to sleep together. I took a few days shuffling furniture around and finding a configuration that worked, and then we gave it a try.
First night, no night visitors. Next night, no night visitors. THIRD NIGHT IN A ROW, no night visitors!!! Wow, cool. They don't seem to keep each other up at bedtime and they both stay in their beds until 7:30 or so. Who knew? All they needed was to bunk together. And now I don't have to feel guilty about anything. :) Bonus: we have our bed back. Ahhhh....(until the next baby comes along, that is).

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Dawn and Dale said...

We are soo much alike it seems!!

Our bed is a "come as you may" bed too!! I love waking up to a little guy snuggled as close as he can possibly get to me!!

Our boys each share a queen size bed with a brother and they LOVE it!!! They all sleep sooo much better together!!! We have tons of bedrooms and tons of beds, but they still will prefer and ask to sleep with each other!! Totally fine by me!!

Congrats on the extra sleep!!