Monday, May 14, 2007

The Third Hurdle

As most of you know I have been going to school to upgrade my paramedic license for over a year now. Classes have finished, I passed my final exams, and completed my clinical precepting days. My final hurdle in this impossibly long race is an EMA Licensing exam which is this Thursday. I'm so stressed about this exam it is rediculous. It is an eight hour practical and oral exam, and definately without passing it my career would suffer, though I try not to think about that!! I'm just hoping to get through this week without getting crabby with the kids; it is not their fault I'm in school! Well, I can see the light at the end of this school tunnel and soon will leave it all behind!! Thanks for all your support & prayers & thoughts!!

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Jen & Andrey said...

Whoa, Mel. You're almost done! After tomorrow it will all be over. I will totally pray for you as you prepare for that big exam tomorrow. Let us know how it goes. Love ya lots! jen