Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Another 4 km walk

Today marked the second 4 km round trip we have made without a stroller. I think we can officially say we can do it! Matthew was tired for the last 1/2 kilometre, but we made it!
Today was also Ayden's last music class of the season. I think next fall I will not put the boys in music lessons or swimming lessons and just have Ayden in preschool. That will be enough scrambling around for rides and child care while I'm working, never mind extra curricular activities! We can do those again when daddy returns. However this makes for a sad goodbye to Ayden's music class! It is for toddlers/preschoolers and I think he will be too old by next spring. We have had Ayden in that class every semester since he was 2, and he has loved it! We will sign him up for music lessons on an instrument when he goes to kindergarten so it is certainly not the end of music, but he loves his teacher Holly and he has had a lot of fun with the kids in his class and the types of activities they do together.
Speaking of Ayden, he is still in full monster mode. He has not lost his bunk bed sleeping privleges yet today but only because I forgot about that particular piece of leverage. We almost left his music class before it even started. I swear he hates me. When will it end????????????????????

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Roboseyo said...

When will it end? I went through a phase like that. I think it went from age four to. . . let me think now. . . age twelve. Yeah.

Hang in there!

(I'm kidding. Hang in there anyway, though.)