Friday, June 15, 2007

Awesome day

Today was wonderful!! Last night we had dinner at the Rehmans' place to celebrate Matthew's dedication last Sunday in church. The Rehmans were out of town for the dedication so they invited us for supper in lieu of, and it was yummy and the company was wonderful, and funny as usual. Bennett's first birthday celebration was last weekend so there were still some firefighting toys left over from the party to play with and the boys went nuts. Here are some pix!

Here are Bennett, Ayden, and Matthew fighting fires together

Mommy is particularly proud of the composition in this picture. It rivals Ansel Adams, don't you think?

Matthew the firefighter

Matthew and Ayden in Torie's homemade fire truck

And the birthday boy himself, gorgeous baby!

The weather forecast called for sun and 30 degree weather today so I was all set to head to the pet store for Tigey #2 (ostensably #3, but that's just between you and I) and then hit the water park. Well, Brent woke me this morning with, "Can you drive me to work? It's raining and I don't want to ride my bike." Phooey. Well, we had to hit Costco and a few other places as well as the pet store, anyways, so we managed to keep busy. Then the sun burst out at about 5 pm so we decided to have an impromptu picnic at the park! We usually like to do something special on Fridays, be it family movie night or family pizza night or something, so tonight we had a family picnic in the park. It was sunny, warm but not too warm, we had good food, a wagon full of blankets and boys, and a nice walk. After our picnic and some play time we walked to McDonald's and got ice cream and then walked home. This was one of the happiest evenings I've had in a long time! I just love summer. Here are some photos we took at our family picnic and park night (Ayden loves these family nights and always has a label for them, like Pizza Night or Movie Night, and you can see the capital letters when he pronounces the labels...too cute...the boys also got haircuts today so they look especially handsome in their pix).

Setting up for our picnic--Matthew is very proud to be allowed a plastic 'knife'

Ayden and mommy eating strawberries for dessert

Ayden and Melissa

Matthew loves his ice cream!

Brent and Ayden:

We had so much fun! What a great family fun night! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE summertime!


nancy said...

looks like a really fun time was had by all! What happened to Aydens hair?
We had dads party tonite which turned out really good - just what dad needed to cheer him up.
Lynne and the 2 grandmas oohed and awed and cried over Matthews baby book! No ones allowed in here with out looking at it.
love you all

Dawn and Dale said...

Cute pictures!!

It looks like that picnic was a huge hit!!

I think I'm going to plan a surprise one like that sometime soon! Looks like it's a great family time thing to do together!!!

Still...waiting for the baby here too!!!! I can't believe this will be your first niece or nephew!!! How exciting!!