Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Busy Weekend

Well, I did take a few days off from blogging in order to give you all the impression that I have a life... :)
For some reason, some of the punctuation marks are not working on my keyboard, on blogger only, so I`m going to try and avoid questions and other punctuation marks I can`t seem to make the keyboard do.
We DID have a busy weekend, full of fun! (hmmm, the exclamation mark works...) On Sunday morning we had a child dedication service at our church, and we dedicated Matthew (I know, it is a year and a half later! This was the first time we were able to do it when the opportunity arose!). It was very emotional and sweet, and Matthew was funny. We don`t have any good photos on our camera from the event, but Brent`s parents have some on their camera, so I`ll post one of theirs when I get them emailed my way. I do have some of after the service, with our family in the park:

Shortly after church we headed out to Cultus Lake for our annual Thai Family Picnic, for all families in the area who have adopted children from Thailand. This year we had some important visitors! Jane Arnott and Amanda are missionaries who live in Thailand and are a big part of Agape Home, the orphanage that oversaw Matthew`s foster home (and others in the area), and also foster moms themselves to anywhere from 2-8 children at any given time. Jane is also our point of contact and our translator for our correspondance with Matthew`s birth mother. They were both at the picnic, so it was wonderful to see them. Jane brought gifts for us from Matthew`s birth family! Traditional Thai outfits for the boys, a new purse for me, and a Thai shirt for Brent. Here is a photo of the boys in their new outfits (that`s Jane on the right):

Also, yesterday my parents called and said that my dad had completed building bunk beds for the boys and could they drop them off that very day...so, last night my parents arrived and put up the beds amongst a couple of VERY EXCITED jumping boys (my dad calls them grasshoppers)! Unfortunately they don`t quite fit in their bedroom without being too close for comfort to the window, which is generally open all summer and has only a flimsy screen on it to keep flies OUT, not kids IN. We`re still working on a solution, but for now the bunk beds are kitty corner. We`re very excited to have them! The boys could hardly sleep last night.

Then Jane and Amanda came to our house to visit this afternoon, and took pictures and video of the boys to show his birth mom, and took back some gifts from us for his birth family. I have some pix of them. This is Kanlaya, his birth mom:

And it appears I`ve accidentally erased the photos I had of his brother and sister...hmmm...I wonder if Jane still has those saved on her computer. If so, I`ll add them later.

Ever since his return from Victoria, Ayden has been AWEFUL! There is something in the water in Victoria that turns preschoolers into monsters or something. He seems to have traded his regular voice for one 18 octaves higher, and 15 decibles louder. He also seems to be operating on the verge of a very high level of frustration, constantly. He is also incredibly defiant, and lost his sleeping in the bunkbed tonight privleges early in the day today. I used to throw away one of his favourite movies (or threaten to) in order to ensure compliance in the time out department...one must always have a bottomer bottom line, when one is a disciplining parent. A backup plan, if you will. Well, today I took the whole stack of movies and thumped them in the garbage can and it didn`t do a damn thing. He was still flailing and throwing objects and leaping up from his time out chair. I thought better of that and took them out of the garbage can and announced the `loss of sleeping in the bunkbed privlege` consequence. That worked. For that interaction. The thing with the bunkbed privlege is that once you take it away once, you can`t take it away again all day. `Tomorrow too` is just too far away to be a proper consequence for a four year old. So I needed more leverage. I didn`t come up with any, but for the rest of the day time outs worked. The thing is, Ayden doesn`t usually need time outs, or even really disciplining much anymore. Talking to him rationally works most of the time, and he doesn`t usually push too much when we say `no` or `you have to` but today was eight hours of forcible self discipline on my part not to get caught up in the power struggle or the emotional roller coaster, but to state the rules and follow through calmly. I must say I did yell a few times. And there was one incident in the van where I just turned the radio up so loud it was distorting in the speakers, but at least it partially drowned him out.
Hopefully he`ll be better soon.


LouiseandGary said...

I love their Thai outfits! Also, cute dress you're wearing in the top photo. How special to have photos of Matthew's birth family and how fun to celebrate at Cultus. As for Ayden, hope today is a better day!

Roboseyo said...

I really liked this post. The pictures are great!

It's hard having to bring the hammer down like that to discipline a kid. I hate the hammer. Such a pain kids don't figure out that compliance is the path of least resistance, and they may as well, 'cause you're bigger, and you feed them.

Good luck and hang in there Mel.