Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fun family day

Today we took the boys to see Shrek the Third at the movie theatre (we had free passes for everyone! Bonus!) and we had a great time! The boys were wide-eyed, especially Matthew, as this was only his second trip to the movies and he LOVES Shrek. It is so great that the boys are at an age where family fun activities are more doable--when they're younger they require a lot of baggage and pre-trip planning, but with Ayden at 4 and Matthew at 2 1/2 both are toilet trained, both can sit through a movie, and both are old enough to get excited about anticipating a fun event, and talk about it afterwards. So cool. Shrek makes me laugh out loud a lot...kind of embarrassing for Brent but I'm fairly certain he's used to that by now. I do that in church too--our pastor will strike me as funny and I laugh very loudly, and then realize no one else found it funny enough to laugh at. I don't care. Being happy is great and I just won't stifle it!

This afternoon while Matthew and Brent napped I went for a run. It's raining. It's cold. It's windy. And I ran. I am so dedicated, I am so great, look at me run! This is what I think to myself every time I run in the rain because I dislike it so much. It takes me hours of inner quarreling to get myself to get my butt out there and run on a rainy day, so once I'm out there I pat myself on the back and smirk at all the drivers in their nice, warm, dry cars :) Really, I hate running in the rain so I feel I've earned these feelings and this bragging. Here are some photos to round out the bragging:

Brent caught the boys this morning brushing Matthew's teeth (with Matthew's treasured Shrek toothbrush):

So cute.

This evening we are doing a family pizza night so the fun times are continuing...!!! Matthew wanted me to put ponytails in his hair so he would look just like mommy (who is wearing her conservative, boring one ponytail) and he looks a bit like a girl! Very funny! He loves them so I took some photos and thought I'd share them with you! He's shirtless because he just had a shower. He likes to play at my feet while I'm in the shower; squeegeeing the shower door, scrubbing the tile, and generally making himself useful keeping my shower clean! He loves water so much.

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Dawn and Dale said...

Now THAT is dedication!!!! Good for you!!!

Very cute pics of the boys!!!