Saturday, June 2, 2007

Return of the lost sheep

Ayden is home! He came home the dirtiest, weariest, happiest four year old boy on the planet. They went fishing and swimming and played with Ayden's cousin Kaleb, who is 2, and they rode the bus and they generally had a blast! I am glad he had so much fun with his cool Auntie and cousins, and that he is home safe and sound.
In fact, I was very glad for this opportunity to be alone with Matthew for three days. For me these were the best three days so far since he came home a year and a half ago, which says a lot because we've had some great times! We went to the water park and for ice cream, and for long walks, and to the beach in Tsawwassen for four hours, and generally had a great time. He was calmer because he had no one to compete with, and I just had more time and attention to give him! It was fabulous.