Thursday, June 14, 2007

A sad evening at the Vose house

Ayden has had this fish named Tigey for about a year. He loves Tigey so much, and does a great job feeding him before bed every night and making sure the cat stays away from the fish tank. Tigey survived many things, including one cat attack that knocked his tank right off the dresser and had him flopping on a pile of rocks on the carpet! Brent scooped him up and ran to the bathroom and plunked him in some water and voila! Good as new. I must admit that Tigey was really Tigey #2 because the first Tigey we had died within a week of purchasing him and we snuck out and bought a new one before Ayden realized he was missing.
Well, lately Tigey wasn't looking so good. His gills were red and swollen, and he kind of hung out near the bottom of his tank looking fatigued. I changed his water and tried to will him back to health, but last night he died. Ayden didn't find out until this evening (Brent didn't immediately let Ayden know because it just wasn't the right time). I tell you, it was the saddest thing I've ever seen! Ayden was so devastated! We all cried, even Matthew! Especially me. It just felt like the end of the world, and his face was so shocked and hurt that something he loved could die like that, I just couldn't not cry for him. He had a lot of questions regarding trasportation of Tigey to heaven, and how God would fix him, and where he would live, and a lot of big, sad, crocodile tears and needed some cuddles. Poor guy. Happy travels, Tigey!


Dawn and Dale said...

Awww...poor guy!!

Isn't death of anything really...just terribly hard to share wtih our babies???!!!

Breaks my well as theirs...everytime!

Bless you!

Roboseyo said...

In my first year of university, my roommate asked me to take care of his goldfish Jimi for a weekend while he went home. It died, I replaced him, and never told Darren (you know Darren Friesen, don't you?). A year later, in our second year, when he was in my dorm again, Jimi finally died, and that's when I broke the news to him that actually, he hadn't been taking care of Jimi at all for an entire year: he's been watching over Carlos! He acted upset, but we thought it was pretty funny.

Sorry about your fish, eh?