Saturday, June 23, 2007

Things that have changed

I've noticed a few things that have changed since we acquired a toddler and a preschooler in our house and I thought I would share them with you:
-The toilet paper roll used to be nice and tidy, all rolled up by the factory, and now it is frequently puffy and ripped from being unrolled and then rolled back up.
-The toilets in our house used to be only filled with water, and now they frequently have 'stuff' in them that someone forgot to flush.
-We used to own one bed for two people, and now we own six beds for four people (and sometimes we end up with four people in one bed).
-A basket of laundry used to take 4-5 minutes to fold, and now it takes 4-5 days.
-A shower used to be a private affair (unless your spouse decided, with a sly grin, to join save water, right?) and now it is quite public, with the bathroom becoming the main intersection for the house if mommy happens to be in it, and the option of hopping in or out of mommy's shower is generally open. All pottying must be done in the bathroom that mommy is showering in, FYI.
-A swept floor used to stay clean for a few days, and now it only stays clean until the next snacktime, sandbox time, or I NEED TO GO POTTY EVEN THOUGH I HAVE MY SHOES ON time.
-A book used to be about 5 inches by 3 inches, have around 300 pages, and be intellectually stimulating and artistic, and now it is anywhere from 2 inches by 2 inches to 1 1/2 feet by 1 1/2 feet and is often intellectually stimulating and sometimes quite artistic, but not geared for adults. Often these books sing. Often the parent is required to sing along as the books sing. I hate this.
-My hair used to be cut quite nicely, and now it is not.
-Gobs of toothpaste used to occasionally appear in the bottom of the sink, but now they appear on the mirror, on the counter, on the floor, in the rug, and on one's pillow. No one knows how they get there.
-Sleeping in used to mean getting up around 11:00 a.m. and now it means getting up around 8:00 a.m.
-We used to feel that our concrete slab 'deck' area was a bit small for our picnic table & chairs, and the BBQ. Now we feel that the deck area is a bit small for our picnic table & chairs, the BBQ, the sandbox, the kiddie picnic table, the flower pots holding Matthew's tree and Ayden's carrot garden, the 3 L bubble container, the plastic lawnmower, and the red 40 Litre bucket of outdoor toys.
-We used to not own any lego, and we now find lego in our shoes, under the sink, in the forced air vents, on the bookshelf, and in the cat door.
-My car used to be very messy. It still is. No change there!
-Sleep used to be nice. Now our days revolve around who is sleeping when, and we never seem to get enough of it!
-Exercise used to mean taking an aerobics class or going for a hike, and now it means play wrestling with a four year old, chasing a two year old, and numerous trips up and down the stairs to get socks, a 'special toy,' clean underwear, a sweater, or sunscreen before we leave the house to do anything. Oh, and all the laps around the house we do when we clean up hundreds of toys every day. Arm muscles are exercised by carrying kicking and screaming 23 or 34 lb snarling masses of anger from point of origin to point of destination.
-Jokes used to be little intellectual affairs, or puns, and now are always about bums and poo, and frequently make no sense.

Of all these changes, the solo showers are what I miss the most!


Roboseyo said...

You miss private showers. . . but more poo jokes balances that out, doesn't it?

This post made me laugh a lot. I read most of it aloud to #2.

Dawn and Dale said...

lol What a GREAT and perfectly 100% correct list!!!

Thanks for sharing the laugh this morning!!