Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Three boys two days in a row!

Several of my friends use the same childcare provider Mondays and Tuesdays (the girl who provides care is a friend of mine, too--her name is Jenna). This week Jenna is sick, so my friends are scrambling for child care! I offered to take 18 month old Kevin yesterday, and today we are looking after Bodhi. Wild week! These friends have helped me out more than once so I'm glad to return the favour! It was interesting to go back to a more baby stage--I discovered that our house is not really all that babyproof anymore!! I kept finding Kevin with little balls in his mouth or trying to eat cat fur! He loved our cat. I was curious to see Matthew's reaction to a child younger than him, because he usually plays with older children and doesn't know how to be gentle with babies. I also wondered if he would be jealous? But he was great. He was gentle all day, didn't try to wrestle with him once, or poke his eyes, or anything. Sweet! Nor was he jealous when I held Kevin or paid attention to him. It was fun having a baby around, but I sure was tired at the end of the day! Babies take constant interaction and have more frequent eating and sleeping needs. Also, the diapers! Funny how quickly you get used to not having to use diapers!!
Bodhi is a blast to have around, and he and Ayden keep each other fairly busy with potty jokes, growling, yelling, and laughing their heads off! One the one hand, it gives Matthew some space to do what he likes without being bothered, but on the other hand he has a hard time keeping up when he wants to! At the park today I caught him climbing over the chain link fence (about 4 feet high) in an attempt to attract Ayden's attention and gain his approval!
We have been using the wagon when Bodhi is over because it will (barely) fit all three boys if they all want to ride: I'm leery of doing our mini marathon walks with three boys because I only have 2 hands for crossing the roads, etc; plus Bodhi is not my child so I definately don't want to send him back damaged! :) Anyways, we (I) walked approx 5 Km today and we left the house at 10:30 and got back at 3:00--with 2 hours at the park, of course!--and Matthew usually naps at 1:30, so he was getting sleepy. I made him a pillow out of his sweatshirt and he actually napped in the bouncing, moving wagon with 2 four year old boys yelling and screaming right beside him! He kept slipping down onto the floor and I kept having to slide him back up so he wouldn't wake up! When we got home he looked so confused and I think his neck was a bit sore from the wacky sleeping position! Too funny. I tried to take a picture of him sleeping in the wagon but I can't find the camera so maybe next time.

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