Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tricked the monster

Well yesterday the monster was out full force which was Murphy's Law in action because I had worked the previous night and was running on less sleep than usual. I managed to keep myself and the boys alive, and busy enough, all day with a trek to the water park.......we set out well enough, but then things kind of started to fall apart.
Matthew has been sick this week, which I kind of forgot? ish? before we set out--so we left the house without the stroller. Well, Matthew only made it one block before he asked me to carry him. Luckily I had brought the sling, but man is his 23 lbs heavy when you carry it 2 kilometres! And hot! So, we finally made it to the water park after 2 meltdowns (Ayden) and several complaints from Matthew regarding the heat and the edge of the sling, which cuts into his legs. When we arrived, voila! The water park was off. That sucked. It is hooked up to a temperature gague which turns the water on if the outside temp reaches 20 degrees. I SWEAR it was 20 degrees yesterday, but no dice. We played for a bit, walked to the nearby IGA for popsicles, and had 3 fights in the parking lot about not racing out onto the road in front of cars. I decided to cut my losses and take the bus home. The rest of the afternoon consisted of meltdown after meltdown, and trying to manage Matthew's fever and take care of him when he has no voice (literally, only a squeaky whisper comes out at the best of times right now! I can't rescue him when he's upset or stuck somewhere because I can't hear him crying! It's totally silent! Kind of funny, actually) the time Brent came home I had really had it. I went and curled up in bed for 10 minutes and then went to aerobics. You know it's bad when aerobics sounds better than your kids! ;D When I got home Ayden had melted down so badly that Brent put him in a time out in his room, and he fell asleep for 10 minutes or so before Brent realized it. So, he was up until midnight. Awesome.

However, today was MUCH BETTER! Surprising, since Ayden had so little sleep! We took Matthew to the Dr. because his voice is totally gone, his breathing is wheezy, his throat hurts, his throat sounds noisy when he breathes (stridor), and today he developed a productive cough (productive=wet). I was managing these problems okay with advil and his asthma meds but I wanted to be sure we were on the right track and to check for anything serious. My dr. is great--when I told her I'm not big on antibiotics unless they really need them, and she said, "well, I'm glad I don't have to talk you out of antibiotics!" and she checked him all over and okayed my treatments. She said to bring him back if he doesn't get better in the next couple of days, and what to watch for and what to do if it gets worse. It's just cool to be on the same page with my Dr, which isn't always the case, though she's nice enough. Anyways, after this we went strawberry picking!! So fun. The boys get so dirty and they have SO much fun and eat so many srawberries! Poor Matthew kind of sat in the dirt a lot and absentmindedly ate strawberries, but he perked up for milkshakes afterwards! Some of our friends were at the berry farm too, so that was nice. After the strawberries, we attempted the water park again, and IT WAS ON!! I checked the thermometer at the high school and it said 26 degrees. Awesome!! Matthew was in a pretty grumpy mood because he felt so crappy, but I stuck him in the shade for a bit and Ayden splashed around for awhile, and then Matthew perked up enough to take his little sailboat for a float on the water. The next thing I knew it was time to go home and get ready for work again. Ayden didn't have a single meltdown all day, and Matthew was pretty good too, despite feeling so yucky. Or maybe it just felt like he was good because he was silent!! Kidding, he really was good, and more cuddly than usual which I always like.
Hooray for hibernating monsters!!!!! I kept him too busy with fun stuff to be monsterish today!! :)

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Roboseyo said...

"And Max who was King of All the Wild Things tamed them all by staring in to all their yellow eyes at once"

I bet he never thought of a water park!