Thursday, July 26, 2007

How old am I?

I've recieved an inadvertant but nice compliment at work recently, twice. Two different coworkers on two separate occasions have asked me, "So, you're like 22? 23?" Nice. It makes me a pretty young mom of a four year old, but not impossible! Both of these coworkers were in their twenties as well, and thus should know what someone in their twenties looks like~ making it an even better compliment! :D


Dawn and Dale said...

I get that ALL the times!! Sometimes it bothers me that people think I'm sooo much younger than I really am...but then I think it will REALLY come to my advantage when I really am "old" to look "younger"! lol

Roboseyo said...

I always thought that too. . . I just figured you were, like, seventeen or eighteen when we went to university together.

I mean, there are lots of kid geniuses, aren't there?