Thursday, July 5, 2007

New Station

I recieved pix of my neice Ella but am not able to put them on the blog while at work, so I will share my beeeyewteeful honey bee with you once I get home (tomorrow night). Meanwhile, I am currently halfway through my first (36 hour) shift at my new station in Lion's Bay. It took me only ONE HOUR to get to work this morning, WITH TRAFFIC, and I am in heaven. This is a commute one can deal with! I will share with you a few observations regarding my new work environment.
I was very nervous to drive here today: mountains of new people to meet and prove myself to all at once are kind of intimidating. I almost had to pull over and throw up! And I didn't sleep last night so if I sound a bit rambly and weird, that's why. So, Lion's Bay is GORGEOUS!! The station is on a steep hill surrounded by lush forest with a stellar view of the ocean. There is a large creek next door which could almost pass as a waterfall because of the speed at which it moves, and the grade of the hill it courses down. You can actually sleep with the sound of this waterfall creek in your ears if you open the windows. I took some photos of the view today and will post them when I get home. What bliss!! There are two ambulances and they are BUSY--constantly in North Vancouver or in Squamish, or attending spectacular car crashes on the Sea to Sky, which bodes well for the finances. We get paid per call when part time, so the more crashes, the merrier. Obviously I don't wish people ill but if they are going to get hurt they may as well do it on my watch, in my jurisdiction. ;)
The station itself is immaculately clean, and I have never seen such organized and sparkling ambulance as the one I climbed into this morning. The crews I met were friendly and hard working, and around my age and stage in life, so that is great. All around, so far--only one day in so we'll see--I think Lion's Bay was a good move. I can't even begin to describe to you how good it feels to sit under these brilliant green trees and the juicy blue sky and listen to the water flow down the mountain. It is good for my soul. It makes me feel cleansed and happy, somehow. This feels like a fresh start, which I think I needed after some tense moments with my supervisor in Squamish, who liked to flex his management muscle and bully me around. He complained about my attitude when I fought back, and then he backed off, but still I tried to avoid him at all costs so it is nice not to have to accomodate for that anymore.
Hooray for Lion's Bay! I'm so glad it has been beautiful so far.