Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A post for Ella

I believe, Ella, that you are the most wanted baby on earth. You were wished for, and prayed for, and dreamt about for more than four years. Your mommy was so patient and brave as she waited and waited for you. I'm afraid your grandma Vose was not as patient and brave, but you know grandmas have a hard time waiting. For the Sloans you were a miracle because Sloans have so many boys! Some sugar and spice is welcomed with joy by the Voses as well, because we have only boys in your generation so far. Your cousins Ayden and Matthew have wanted a 'real, live' cousin, and are so proud they are bragging about you already and you are only 17 hours old. When I heard the news you were born I was so excited that Uncle Brent had to tell me to slow down because he couldn't understand what I was saying when I spoke! I'm sure your grandma Vose is just shimmering...she won't be able to sleep until she sees you.
When you were born there were some scary moments! Your umbilical cord snapped off too early, and too close to your body! Then you came out with fluid in your lungs. I'm sure it was a big and scary day for you, but you faced it all bravely. You must get that from your mom. Your dad is a quiet type of person, but when you were born he was so excited and so happy that he spent a long time on the phone with us, telling us the story of when you were born and talking excitedly about you. When he called everyone on his list to announce your arrival he remembered in his message to tell us how much you weighed but not what your name was! He was too excited to remember to leave all the details! He was happy and full of energy despite having had no sleep while he waited for you to be born the night before.
We've waited and waited for the happy day when we would get to meet you, and here you are, darling girl, and we love, love, love you.

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Dawn and Dale said...

What a BEAUTIFUL post!!!

Ella truly is ONE loved baby girl already!! I can't believe the hype around our little town as we waited for her big arrival as well!!!

Blessings to the new family!!