Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Way It Is In Sake

Ayden is a firefighter in Sake. Both Ayden and Matthew are planning to be firefighters when they grow up, and Ayden has decided that there are a few rules in firefighting, which I will share with you. In every fire station there are twenty employees; 10 men and 10 women (there's my little equal opportunity boy~I've taught him well), and if you are a firefighter man you have to marry a firefighter woman. Ayden is going to marry two firefighter women, actually. At the same time. My little polygamist.
Just yesterday Ayden said to me, "You know what mommy? Boy grown ups can do girl jobs and girl grown ups can do boy jobs."
"Yes, I know. Isn't it great that people can do the jobs that they like?"
"Here mommy, I have a boogie on my finger. Can you take it for me?"
Is that a good enough lesson on gender socialization for now? I hope so.

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