Friday, July 20, 2007

A Word on Narcissism

Aren't we all wrapped up in our own skins? Why then are some of us able to see beyond our skin, and others too consumed with experiencing their organs and inner dermis to notice a world beyond? I admit to a certain degree of inner focus, but the aim of that degree is self awareness for dual purpose: joy for myself and peace for those closest to me. Any 'self improvement' measures are meant to improve both my experience of the world, and the world's experience of me. Don't self awareness and others awareness go together? Self awareness, I think, naturally leads to proactive rather than reactionary behaviours, because with self awareness comes self respect, and boundaries, which lends itself to more objective assessments of situations, people, and oneself~ thus lending itself to proactive behaviour that takes into consideration all priority factors, including the feelings of oneself and of others. In this, self awareness and others awareness are linked.

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