Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Goals, etc

Remember my modest goals for this week? I've found a new AHA in life: make modest goals. Forget motivational speakers. It's only Tuesday and I've achieved two of my three modest goals :P Today I made it to Costco (15 minutes before it opened, ironically) and despite FORGETTING MY LIST (fatal error in most cases) I remembered all but two items that I needed. Oatmeal and baking soda. Oatmeal can wait. I clean most of my house with baking soda, so that one I'll be going back for fairly soon, but I think we can limp through the next few days without it.
My other goal was to monitor my eating better. I did that today. This was actually slipping quite out of control~I discovered I have hypoglycemia this January and it has been a big AHA for me, as I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I got so angry sometimes? At nothing?! Well, it turns out it is not really me per se, but my body. It's hungry. It needs healthy food every three hours during the day, and first thing in the morning. This SOUNDS easy but with two munchkins it is actually quite difficult, as three hours goes by and I start to feel queasy and faint, and I think to myself, "why do I feel this way? I just ate five minutes ago," and then realize it has been three hours. And if I am stressed at all, or if I exercise, or definately if I cry, this window shrinks to two or two and a half hours. Guess what? I cry a little more now that Brent has gone, and I have less time to pay attention to myself, so on Friday I got pretty low twice, Saturday three times, and Sunday four times. Once takes all day to recover from so you can imagine where four takes me!!
Today was much, much better. I ate every three hours. In fact, I just finished my pre bedtime snack, a wicious peach. Isn't peach season wonderful? I kind of wish I could just function with an IV drip of glucose in my arm all day so I didn't have to worry about eating.
Tonight I made a fantastic meal with all four food groups and something everyone likes. I made this curried vegetable stew thing that is my signature dish (which the boys won't touch), garlic rosemary chicken (lookit me, I cooked MEAT), and couscous. And milk to drink. Pat, pat (on the back). I still hate cooking, but it was almost worth the effort to sit down and eat this meal, yummy! I also discovered soft goat cheese at costco for quite a reasonable price: that is now going on every salad I eat from this day forward. I didn't eat that at dinner tonight but it is in the fridge waiting for my lunch bag tomorrow.

Here's the agenda tomorrow:
4:40 wake up, shower, eat, pack lunch, get dressed.
5:10 put boys in car and head for my in-laws' place
5:40 arrive and drop boys off at in-laws'
5:45 leave for work
7:10 arrive at work (shift change 7:30~if I leave later than 5:45 traffic gets super heavy and I will be late)
7:30 am to 6:30 pm save a few lives, or not
6:30 leave work
7:45 arrive at in-laws' place to pick boys up
8:00 leave in-laws' place IF VERY LUCKY...this transition generally takes an hour but tomorrow I have evening plans so we should get on the road pronto...
8:30 arrive home, eat supper, put boys to bed, and visit with out of town friend who is sleeping at our house tomorrow night with her lovely son and pregnant belly

Anyone out there want to trade?
My mother in law might want to trade with you, too, as she has to feed, dress, and hustle the boys from her place to daycare and then get herself to work for 8:30. Then she has to pick them up from daycare at 5, feed them supper, get them in their jammies, and supervise them until I get home from work. I don't know what I'd do without her.


Dawn and Dale said...

Oh girl!! I have no idea how you do it!!!

THAT is a BUSY day!!!

Hope it goes well!!

Anonymous said...

The nice thing is that your mother-in-law doesn't sleep and drinks enough coffee to keep all of Canada awake! :-) We love her.