Monday, August 27, 2007

Goals this week

I have some modest goals this week:

I would like to go to Costco before it closes. Did you know it closes at 5 pm on Sundays? Did you know that Sunday is the only day this past week I was able to grocery shop? I almost shot a hole through the sliding garage door they use to close the entrance to Costco yesterday. Who closes at 5? Assholes. So I'll go on Tuesday before it closes. That is a goal. I have Tuesday off work so this should be possible.

I would like to eat every three hours so I don't get hypoglycemically crabby. I'm finding it difficult to remember to eat until it's too late and all logical problem solving and patience goes out the window.

I would like to learn how to tune my guitar.

Stay tuned for updates as to the completion or non of these modest goals :D

1 comment:

tamie said...

yay for modest goals! and boo for dumb costco.