Friday, August 31, 2007

More gratitude

I'm thankful for:
oatmeal~milk~fresh air~my mom~the colour red~my new car~locks on doors, especially when one's husband is gone at night for 180 nights in a row~the feeling after both boys are in bed for the night and PEACE descends~buttercups~clear blue sky~tea~my water pillow~peanut butter~peaches~sunsets~grace~cats~water: creeks, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, oceans, tidal pools, puddles, from the faucet, and to drink but NOT falling from the sky in little droplets~too many wonderful people to count~a job I love~my house, comfy and pretty, with a yard and lots of windows~Matthew's jokes~a church that makes me food and prays for me~coworkers who let me sleep~tulips~hanging baskets~my worm composting bin~the colour green~stories~kalamalka lake~manning park~history~clouds~storms without lightning~cuddles~good movies~giacometti, my favourite artist who made fantastic bronze sculptures, my favourite of which I saw in a smithsonian museum in Washington, DC~kids' day at the Vancouver Art Gallery (the 3rd Sunday of every month)~snow~adventure~Matthew's birth mom for the sweetest gift on this earth~my body for carrying and feeding the miracle of Ayden~the meeting places of ocean and earth, sometimes sandy, sometimes rocky, and always breathtaking~pumpkins~cranberries~a good surprise~a well though gift ~weddings ~baptisms~fireplaces~springtime~silence~love

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tamie said...

i loved reading what you are thankful for.