Friday, August 24, 2007


I am not the world's most gifted singer. At all. But I love music! I love to sing, I played the violin from the age of four to the age of...well, the last time I played was at my friends Keli and Stu's wedding, three years ago, so that makes it to the age of 26. Violin is a difficult instrument, and it takes too much time to keep up the skill of playing it for it to be practical for my life. I could invest time into it, but I'd rather invest my time in painting or camping or journalling or something. My children, of course, but I mean the extra time outside of parenting that I have to invest in extra stuff.
But I miss music, and the rich soundtrack it adds to one's life. I have been playing with the idea of teaching myself to play the guitar while Brent is gone? We have a guitar that used to belong to my mom in our master bedroom closet just waiting to be played. I have this beautiful picture in my mind of me playing the guitar and me, Ayden, and Matthew singing but that may be a rather funny romantic idea, knowing my boys. Ayden would likely LOVE to sing with me, but Matthew would probably rather hit something. Like the guitar. But maybe?? I have told you about my plan to read the Quran, and I have been (though I must confess I am enjoying my book of Rumi poetry much better and given the choice am prone to picking up Rumi instead of the Quran, which is rich in heritage and imagery, but also rather negative and didactic~fair enough, it is a holy text and not a songlike poem and as such less enjoyable to read cover to cover). I have found it to be incredibly interesting thus far, enlightening, and extremely exclusive: Allah is merciful and compassionate to his chosen followers, but vehemently rejects those who do not follow.
So here I am mentioning another idea, to learn to play the guitar so we can sing accompanied by my rudimentary strumming. So far I have not had much spare time for anything, but maybe soon things will settle in a bit and I can carve out some time to teach myself a new musical skill. Some of our busyness has been a result of summer holiday activities, like camping and visiting my parents, so once September rolls around we should settle a bit more into a routine, and perhaps I will have more time then for an occasional guitar lesson.

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nancy said...

You could pick up playing the guitar easily - a breeze to play compared to the violin (I have tried both)
Met with Dawn H today and asked her to pray for a full time job for you - she seems to get good results concerning peoples family members!