Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The light that lights the eye is also the heart's light;
The eye's light proceeds from the Light of the heart,
But the light that lights the heart is the light of God,
Which is distinct from the light of reason and sense.
At night there is no light, and colours are not seen;
Hence we know what light is by its opposite, darkness.
At night no colours are visible, for light is lacking.
How can colours are visible, for light is lacking.
How can colour be the attribute of dark blackness?
Looking on light is the same as looking on colours;
Opposite shows up opposite, as a Frank a Negro.
The opposite of light shows what is light,
Hence colours too are known by their opposite.
God created pain and grief for this purpose,
To wit, to manifest happiness by its opposites.
Hidden things are manifested by their opposites;
But, as God has no opposite, He remains hidden.
God's light has no opposite in the range of creation
Whereby it may be manifested to view.

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tamie said...

it's so strange that i've never found your blog before. the thing is, that when i click on your profile (which is what comes up when you post on MY blog), it only sends me to the blog where you & your whole extended family all write. there's no link to THIS blog! you really should rectify this situation.

but, you can thank our comrade rob, for putting a link for your blog on his. i'm very glad to have finally found you! (as it were.)