Thursday, September 13, 2007

Best day EVER

Yesterday Ayden`s behaviour was a bit of a gong show. He was challenging everything and would have random fits of screaming or flopping or what I like to call `sensory deprivation boy` where he ignores everything, closes his eyes, hums, and flops on the floor, and this behaviour was stretching my foundational patience by 8 a.m. To be at the foundation, which happens to be the bottom of things, by 8 in the morning is not good. At the end of a very trying day yesterday I sat him down for a `conversation` --you know, like the dating DTR (define the relationship) talk, but for a parent-child relationship. We struck a deal whereby I would try very hard to be less crabby, and he would try very hard to obey me, and that way we would be achieving good teamwork and everyone would be happier.
Well, I ony had to remind him three times this whole day about our deal and each time he said ``Oh yeah, I forgot!`` and immediately complied with my request, and the rest of the day he was cooperative (and I cheerful). HOORAY!!
We started early. Rustling Ayden up and out the door before he`s naturally ready is quite a feat. He sleeps like Brent: while sleeping, he CAN be mistaken for dead. But we managed, and we all had breakfast, were all dressed, and remembered everything we were supposed to bring to preschool. Ayden shed a few tears as I dropped him off today; I guess the novelty of preschool has worn off and the separation part is sinking in before the comfortable routine aspect settles in. He needed quite a few hugs to fortify him for the three hours away from Matthew and me, but he was brave and in the end he shook his teacher`s hand and waved goodbye to me and off he went.
Matthew and I went to Starbucks for a mommy treat, and then we went to McDonald`s for a Matthew treat and to meet my close friend whose four year old son is ALSO in preschool in the mornings now, and Matthew played in one of those BLESSEDLY WONDERFUL McDonald`s playgrounds while we talked for 2.5 hours! Yay!
After preschool Ayden wanted to buy a piggybank to keep all his `found` money in (he`s always scoping the sidewalks for change) to save up for garage sales with his grandparents (gag, gag, choke, choke, but if it makes him happy...), so we went to the mall on a quest for two--you can`t just buy one boy something unless it is something boring like clothes!--piggybanks. No one sells piggybanks anymore!! How lame! There are a million gadgety finnicky battery operated plastic toys and no piggybanks in Toys R Us, Zellers, the Bay, and two novelty stores in the mall, until we passed Hallmark! OF COURSE Hallmark sells piggy banks and other random non finnicky dust collectors, so here we were in Hallmark with TOUCH EVERYTHING boy (Matthew) and JUMP ALL THE TIME boy (Ayden), trying to choose between six or seven styles of piggybank. Matthew quickly settled on a small blue elephant, and after about 2 minutes of jumping, Ayden settled for a very traditional looking pig. In pink. They had blue, but he wanted pink. So I`m giggling in my sleeve looking at him in his spiderman hat, BMX bike t-shirt, and blue camoflauge pants, carrying a delicate pink pig under his arm. SO CUTE!
You know me--I`d never be the one to redirect from what my child really wants just because of a social gender construction like pink is for girls. But it was so cute I just had to mention it. Both boys were overjoyed with their piggybanks and immediately put their spare change into them--Matthew had two pennies and Ayden had 65 cents collected from sidewalks around Langley.
Ayden and I had a fabulous lunch while Matthew slept and then we read some stories and rode bikes, all perfect quality time together. When Matthew woke up I prepared a picnic dinner, which was Ayden`s idea, and we went to the water park from 5 to 7 pm. The boys rode their bikes ALL the way there and ALL the way back, a 4.4 km round trip!!! I guess `rode` is a bit generous when it comes to Matthew, because he can`t reach the pedals on his trike and does the roadrunner shuffle wherever we go! They did fantastic! I pulled the wagon with our picnic in it and we had SO much fun. I took some pictures for you. The lighting was perfect for photos, and the temperature perfect for a long walk at dinnertime. The leaves are just starting to change so some parts of our walk were peppered with vibrant new colours. This was the second time I`ve attempted a park walk with bikes and it was incredibly successful and stress free; Ayden zooms ahead but waits at every intersection for us to catch up so we can cross together, and he stays on the crosswalk itself so I just have to watch and remind Matthew. We had a wonderful, wonderful ride. For the first hour at the water park there were 2 sets of twins, one black and the other Chinese-Canadian, two Chinese-Canadian toddlers, and Ayden and Matthew. You`re not supposed to notice these things but sometimes I think it is good for Matthew NOT to be the visible minority for once, and in this case Ayden was decidedly the minority. The black twins are between 2 and 3 years old, and I`ve seen them before. They are adopted as well. Such neat diversity at the park! I overheard Ayden exclaiming, `Hey Matthew! That little boy looks like you, and he is riding his bike IN THE WATER! LETS RIDE OUR BIKES IN THE WATER TOO!!`
I think I tired them out. Bedtime was a breeze. If only every day could be like today!! I wish I could bottle the formula and keep it for bad days!!! Enjoy the pictures!

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man. I want to ride MY bike in the water, too!