Sunday, September 30, 2007

The kids party

My friend Leah was kind enough to host Matthew's birthday party at her house, so that I would not be so overwhelmed by the thought of making this party happen. I'm eternally grateful to her! Last night's night shift was busy, giving me only 2 hours sleep to run on. Everyone pitched in; grandma made the gorgeous cake, Leah hosted, Janet brought veggies and dip, and I brought decorations, party games, and The Bike. We had a blast, and I was SO relaxed it was easy to have fun. Thank you, thank you for wonderful, thoughtful friends. Sweet, delicious moments every day that you are three, birthday boy. You make my life sparkle!


Anonymous said...

When is Matthew's birthday? Seth turned 4 on Sept 27. We bought him a small bike, just like Matthew's, last year, when he turned 3. We had to give him a new, bigger bike this year! How quickly they grow!


melissa said...

Matthew's birthday is Sept 20th '04. Cool! What a fantastic idea the bike is isn't it? I don't think Matthew will outgrow it by next year...he is very tiny...he weighs the same now as he did 6 months ago! And he only grew 1/4 of an inch! At this rate he'll be able to ride that bike until he is fifteen.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

Great Party! Happy Birthday MAthew! I love the cake especially.
And you on 2 hours sleep???

Anonymous said...

Seth's new bike is a tad big yet, so yes, I can see Matthew keeping his for a little longer. My Rebekah is tiny - she is finally up to 37 pounds - and she is 6-1/2!!! She is riding a bike the same size as Seth's! I'm glad the party went well.