Thursday, September 6, 2007

My third goal for last week

Remember my modest goals? Well, I completed the first two no problem, but when I went to get out my mom's old guitar and learn to tune it, a string was broken. Today while Ayden was in preschool I went to Tom Lees and got a new string (fourth string from the bottom, yeah I think it's a classical but I'm not sure, yeah I think it is metal and not nylon but I'm not sure...did I sound dumb). I came home, threaded the new string, and found a guitar tuning website and learned how to tune it AND the names of the strings. Hooray! One step closer to playing it! Ayden thought it funny when I brought it out on the front strip of grass (not big enough to be called a lawn, really) and was strumming it. "Why are you playing that outside, mommy? Why did you bring your 'tar outside? That's silly."

Another cute thing he mentioned today as we were driving home from preschool was, "Mommy, if Matthew went to my preschool I think that would be much more better for me."
"How come?"
"Well, Matthew is pretty silly and he helps me to be silly. Sometimes I don't know how to be silly and he helps me!"
It is true that Matthew is our goofy kid. I pity the teacher who has both boys in her class at the same time, as they loop their goofiness and accelerate it between them constantly.

This week I had a few goals:
Clean the house
sort the toys: keep and give to charity
get the furnace cleaned or at least make an appointment to do so
go to Costco for last week's forgotten items
learn to tune my guitar (carry over)
legally change Matthew's name
send Brent a care package

They are all modest, but there are a lot of them...Well, my mom came to visit and help me out Monday night and stayed until this morning, so she and I ATTACKED the house on Tuesday and it is now clean, including bathrooms, floors, etc (hooray! I've been reborn!! I love a clean house!!!). I also ran yesterday morning while my mom looked after Ayden (I brought Matthew with me in my jogging stroller, as one boy is much easier than two for anyone to look after: see above reference to looping and accelerating goofiness), so that's exercise, though I'd like to do some more before the week is out obviously. I went to Costco. I learned to tune my guitar. I sent in the papers for Matthew's name change. I made an appointment for the furnace to be cleaned but I may change it...they are charging me $400 and last year's cleaning cost less than $200 but don't know who it was we called last year...
I have not sorted the toys yet, and have begun but not completed the care package for Brent.
I'd say that's pretty good for a Thursday. Only two goals left, and three days left!

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