Friday, September 28, 2007


Yesterday Ayden was working so studiously on this puzzle that I had to take some pix:

Here is a pic of the 'calendar' I made~it is a countdown of the weeks we have left until daddy is finished RCMP depot (17.5 currently). Each photo represents a week, and they are all pix of daddy, or pix with daddy in them. Matthew's job is to remove a picture at the end of each week, and Ayden's job is to put the photo in an album to keep it safe. This hangs in their bedroom:

I also want to start a memory chain which has papers on it with 'things we would like to tell daddy about today when he gets home'...once it gets a little longer I'll take some pix of it too. These are some great ideas from some military moms.

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Ms. Dragonfly said...

Hi Melissa, are you doing the single parent thing right now then? Hard.
We should set up a playdate, if you're open to it.
I know Sterling would love it.