Saturday, September 29, 2007

Some more Sake stories

Yesterday Ayden was telling me stories about Sake like there was no tomorrow! Remember is son, Roro? Well, he tells me that Roro's name is from the song, "Roll, roll, down the hill" (written by Ayden) and that Roro can actually roll himself into a ball about the size of a soccer ball, and bounce everywhere. He will bounce from their pink house in the countryside of Sake, right into outer space! As high as a rocket ship!
Ayden sometimes calls outer space 'outside the erf' ...v. cute...
The other day, Roro bounced himself into outside the erf to say hi to Ayden, who was in outer space in his pink rocket ship. Then Roro bounced back down to their house and right down the chimney like Santa Clause. Ayden informed me that he purposefully does not ever light the fireplace in his house just in case Roro bounces down the chimney, because he doesn't want to get burned up like a marshmallow! Roro can unroll himself at will and walk around like a normal kid again. When I asked how old Roro is, Ayden answered "Well, last year he was two. Tomorrow is his birfday and he will be six!" I asked Ayden to wish Roro a happy birthday from me and he answered, "Mommy, Roro doesn't even know who you are." Awesome. Irrelevant even to his invisible friends ;)
Ayden is throwing Roro a birthday party as we speak.
I fell asleep after that, so I missed the rest of the story, which made him really mad at me. Sorry, peanut. I love your delicious stories! I just have trouble sleeping lately...

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