Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ALS=Assholes in Lotsa Situations

Grrrrr...I'm so mad I could spit...I'm so mad I have to blog to get the anger out of me...
ALS (advanced life support) paramedics have 2 years more training than us BLS (basic life support) paramedics. They are strategically situated througout the province, in urban and metropolitan centres, to be available for very sick patients. When a 9-1-1 caller is sick enough for ALS, dispatch always sends a BLS crew to back them up, since 4 sets of hands are better than 2, and to take the patient if it turns out that they are not that sick. They have more drugs. They have more training. They have more experience. I have respect for this.
I do not have respect for ALS members with no emotional IQ. I do not have respect for ALS members who think it funny to humiliate or put down BLS crew members just because of an archaic old boys' club mentality where one is either "in" or "out." What is this, junior high school? A redneck hick town? Well, yeah, I guess Chilliwack could be considered a redneck town, but still.
So I neglected to close the garage door behind us when I drove out of the ambulance bay tonight, twice, apparantly. I thought the doors were on timers and closed on their own. During a call with a sick patient, one of the ALS (Assholes in Lotsa Situations, see post title) members turns to me and sarcastically points out that the doors need to be closed for security issues, and that I forgot TWICE tonight to close the doors. He reminds me, "There's a button on your visor for stuff like that." Fuck you. Seriously. There are SEVEN people in the room and we're taking care of someone who doesn't want to hear about my shortcomings in the common sense department. If you REALLY want to say something, why not make it positive, like "Please don't forget to close the bay doors when you leave the station." Straight up. Gives me the benefit of the doubt. Polite. To the point. I can take correction. I just can't take assholes.
The thing is, there is this weird initiation phase mentality in the old farts that I just don't buy into. I don't know if they notice that I don't buy into it (my reply to the visor button comment was, "No, really?" which made him sputter). I've been doing this for 5 years now. I've put in my time. I'm not putting up with any more initiation phase, bottom feeder, ass kissing, please-let-me-into-the-club shit anymore, because the last time I checked we were on the same team, working for the same company, doing the same job, wanting to help the same people. I'm 100% willing to learn new things and to adjust to other peoples' style of work, and I'm 200% willing to take constructive criticism, but I WILL NOT take people being rude to me. I can't fight with people I'm working with (by the way, for anyone who is following this work situation, that post regarding the woman who was so rude to me that I was shaking and frieking out? Her husband is ALS. In fact, I believe her husband is the one who was so rude to me tonight. It's DAMN lucky I didn't snap back at her because I'd be in the doghouse around here forever if I had), but I sure am not pandering to anyone just because of their license level or years on the job, I'm telling you that! I respect the education. It doesn't mean I respect the individual until they demonstrate a social intelligence I can feel proud to stand next to. A little humility would help, too.
Bite my ass, Ernie. I may be little, I may be female, and I may be part time, but I have no respect for you, and you aren't pushing me around.


Roboseyo said...

aww mel.

assholes at work is the worst, because you can't just stop answering their calls.

especially self-important, rank-pulling, bullying assholes. hang in there.

bite my ass, too, ernie!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are MAD. I think we can make a distinction here between mad and MAD - kind of like sick and SICK. Right? You are MAD. :-) So sorry you had to deal with this. Kind of feel sorry for people like that. Clueless. Remember to just keep quiet and do an awesome job. They will have to admit you are good at the job!


tamie said...

Mel, you rock. I am happy that this made you mad, because it means that someone out there doesn't buy the domineering bullshit of the powers that be. Good for you. Good for you for caring enough about yourself to get this angry. Stand up for yourself, Mel ol buddy. Don't back down! You're worth it.

Bite my ass TOO, Ernie.

Roboseyo said...

Even the Dalai Lama says that anger is good if it leads to a constructive goal, or some corrective action that can prevent someone from going down a path that ends in misery. (that may be taken out of context, but what the heck!)