Thursday, October 11, 2007

Awesome day

Today was my 2nd of 4 days off. We all slept long and quietly...I had NO night walkers, criers, nightmarers, requests for water, or even wimperers. What a sleep! I haven't had a sleep like that in years!! This morning we woke up to the alarm, but easily because we had all had enough to sleep. Ayden helped me make breakfast, Matthew went to the bathroom without crying (usually, the first thing in the morning pee is just too much for him, emotionally...I mean, c'mon, pee is just too much for God to ask us to handle, don't you think??), and I didn't get impatient even though we were running about 15 minutes late for preschool. I even cooked a hot breakfast; cream of wheat porridge with raisins, brown sugar, and milk. It was yummy.
I've determined that shopping with Ayden is pretty much the WORST activity known to humankind and I officially hate it now that I have the luxury of shopping without him while he is in school. Matthew is such a sweet, gentle, cooperative three year old, especially when away from the influence of his brother (this influence goes both ways, as Ayden is much more cooperative when Matthew is not in attendance, as well), that he is actually nice to shop with because he is good company. One doesn't want to get lonely while shopping.
So, we went shopping. I had to weather a million 'why?' questions but by now I'm used to them...they are so close in age that I didn't have much of a gap between their why stages and so have been answering incessant whys for about 2 years. He's helpful, and hilarious. He's always cracking jokes, seriously.
"Matthew, can you hold this yogurt for me?"
"Mommy, no yogurt. No," as he takes it from me.
"What do you mean it's not yogurt? It's yogurt!"
"No; bum bum!"
famous. I wonder if you can be a standup comedian with the word 'bumbum' as your signature joke?
We then picked up Ayden, who screamed at me for 10 minutes on the way home for a minor infraction, accompanied by a request for an attitude adjustment, and finally a minor punishment. I gave his teacher some crackers to keep at school for his snack, and he didn't want me to, I asked him to stop screaming at me or he would not be allowed to have a snack in the car as per usual, and he didn't stop screaming so I revoked his snack priviledges. Sometimes I feel like a police officer or referee at some hideously petty sports event?!
Then he hated my lunch.
After lunch I put on a movie for them and went upstairs for a nap. Hallelujah! I slept for 30 minutes!! Then we went for a 45 minute bike ride (see pix below) in the hazy autumn sunshine. Gorgeous!!
I even made a supper that was eaten by all! Nothing but success today! Too bad one can't make 2500/month carting to and from preschool, shopping, cooking, and going for bike rides!
Thank you to those of you who keep posting encouragements; they really make my day!! It is good to know I have you rooting for me. Thanks for reading :)

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Roboseyo said...

hey those jokes are like my jokes in Korean.

Except instead of bum bum, I say whatever food name (because I have a larger food vocabulary than anything else) resembles the new Korean word I don't know the closest.