Saturday, October 13, 2007


Today I took the boys to a Thai restaurant for lunch. We had delicious hot & sour soup (Matthew ate all the tofu), rice, spring rolls, and peanut chili rice noodles. Yum, yum! The boys mostly ate rice. Ayden was thoughtful for a few minutes after the meal, and then asked me,
"Mommy, Matthew's tummy mommy is from Thailand, right?"
"Why didn't Matthew stay with his tummy mommy after he was born?"
"Well, she didn't have enough money to keep him. She didn't have money to send him to school, or buy him clothes, or buy him food, or a house to live in, so she gave him to us."
Tears just flooded down his face.
"But mommy, that would be very hard for them to say goodbye!"
Being the weeper that I am, tears flooded my face too, so fast it was difficult for me to talk.
"Yes, it was. Very hard for Kun-Mae to say goodbye to Matthew, and hard for Matthew to say goodbye to her."
"Because Kun-Mae loves Matthew, and Matthew loves Kun-Mae. But you know, it was a good thing in the end because we got to have Matthew in our family as our littlest brother, and we are all happy now.
Someday we'll go back to Thailand and visit Matthew's tummy mommy again, so it was not goodbye forever."


Roboseyo said...

aw gee. . . did somebody dare you to write a blog post just to make people cry? That was so sweet!

tamie said...

i love your kids and i haven't even met them.