Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm not lost...

I have not had the time to post in awhile! Also, for 4 days my computer was broken, and for 10 days I was struggling with a hefty bout of insomnia which finally resolved on Friday night. Today I am working my 3rd of 5 day shifts in Chilliwack. I have some stories for you!!
First of all, Ayden and I had a serious conversation recently about the nature of law enforcement:
"Mommy, look! A police officer! I bet they are catching bad guys!"
"Ummmm, I think that police officer is just giving someone a ticket for bad driving."
"No! It's a robber! My daddy catches robbers!"
"Yes he does."
...................[insert internal panic here as I frantically sort out what to say].......................
"Actually, he doesn't shoot them, honey. He puts the bad guys in jail, but he would never shoot them unless they were going to shoot daddy or somebody else."
He thought about this for a few minutes.
"What is jail?"
"It's a place where grown ups go if they do really bad things. It is kind of like a big long time out for grown ups, so they can think about what they did and how they might do differently in the future."
"Oh. Bad guys don't love anybody, and nobody loves bad guys."
"God loves bad guys."
"REALLY?!?" He was astonished.
"Yes, He does. And bad guys love people. They love their families and their friends, just like you do--they just make bad choices about how to treat people. That is why we put them in jail, so that when they are done their long time out, they have an opportunity to choose to be better. If they choose to love God and listen to Him, and try to be a better person, God can help them to change. God always, always loves people no matter what they do. And we always have opportunities to change our behaviour and make it better."
"God loves BAD GUYS, too?"
"Yes! God loves everybody. Everybody is special. That is why your daddy wouldn't shoot bad guys, because God thinks they are special, too. Bad guys just make choices that hurt other people, so we have to put them in jail."

It was really neat to be able to teach Ayden about these truths that are really important to me: law enforcement using minimal necessary force, redemption, God's love, the value of human life, the choice involved in poor decisions, the choice involved in changing ourselves from making poor decisions to making better ones, and the universal nature of family, love, and choice. Thanks, bad guys, for giving me an opportunity to teach my son these things. :)
Especially traffic patrol :D

My second story is another miracle. One of my patients the other day had a fall where she hurt her ribs. Because of the fall, the hospital did x-rays and discovered 'something extra' on her x-ray that made them suspicious...they called her back and did a CT and discovered an Ascending Aortic Anyerism. This is a leak in the main blood vessel that comes from your heart, much like a bulging tire, which can burst and cause the person to die within 2 to 3 minutes. They immediately did surgery to repair this anyerism and when the surgeon opened up her chest, he discovered that the outer layer of her blood vessel was so taut that it would have burst within another 24 hours, and she would have bled to death. They repaired her vessel and she's as good as new (or as new as you can be at 78!). Hooray for miracles!

I have more stories but will have to post more later...I'm tired and must get up at 4 again tomorrow, so i will go.

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Roboseyo said...

that's an amazing conversation, Mel. Cool to have a chance to set patterns for a kid's thought as they get older -- what a sobering responsibility, and an amazing opportunity as well!

I'm glad you're a mommy.

Hang in there -- I'm reading and praying for you.