Thursday, October 18, 2007

My New Car

I've been wanting to post about my new car for months. In June Brent's sister Cherilyn moved to Montreal and put her '95 Toyota Corolla up for sale. Since we had just paid an entire pay period's worth of money on repairs for the van, and I had been feeling the disdain for the monstrous van for months, we made an offer on the Corolla. =)
We got storage insurance for the car and waited for an opportunity to sell the van...mostly just waiting to see if Brent would be accepted, and too busy to get the van up to sellable speed~you know, replace the cracked windshield, replace various burnt out bulbs, and clean the interior. After Brent's departure we put the van up for sale on a Thursday, and hoped and prayed...and it was sold by Sunday morning, for pretty much our asking price! Thank you, Brent's dad! He's the world's best haggler and he did all the negotiating for me. Awesome!
So we then paid the remaining loan on the Corolla, and paid for a plane ticket home at Christmas for Brent, and that took care of the proceeds of the van.
Hallelujah! I can't believe how quickly the van was gone. Goodbye and good riddance!
Here are a few things I love about my Toyota:
-it is small, maneuverable, and compact
-it is fantastic on gas
-it is reliable as has 219,000 kms on it and makes 3 or 4 trips a week out to Chilliwack and back but it never complains
-it is a standard
-it brings back nostalgic memories of my very first car, an '81 Toyota Tercel with no gas gague, two broken door handles, and only three working doors. And 300,000+ kilometers on it. That thing never complained either!
-it fits both boys, myself, and four days' worth of camping gear if you really try hard
-It has no computer or fancy gagets to fall apart
-it is red
-it has a nice CD player in it
-previous owner a reliable source of info on the vehicle!

Here are a few drawbacks:
-no air conditioning in the summer
-no intermittent wiper speed in the winter

Definitely worth the investment, and I'm overjoyed to have my new, cute, reliable Toyota to taxi me around. Woohoo! It's nice to feel better about my commuter vehicle, since I have to have one. I've even kept it miraculously neat and tidy (I won't say clean per se, but tidy for me, for a car...I'm infamous for my 2 feet of crumbs, bags, toys, and yes, on one occasion, an inch or two of mold on the floor of my vehicles), visiting the nearby carwash for the use of their vacuum every six weeks or so. Kids are so messy.
I'm so messy!

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nancy said...

Your Toyota sould also bring back (great?)memories of travelling to Prince Edward Island and back in the tercel - 2 car seats and a booster seat and all our junk for a 6 week trip, with your brother talking non stop for 10,000 miles, your baby sister and your maniac mother!